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Recommendations of a famous stylist

For your beauty

Hair care is a real art that requires special care and strength of hands, especially when working with an electric trimmer. When you can help yourself or a loved one to gain self-confidence through a new hairstyle, the soul immediately becomes a little warmer.

Easy hair care for the whole family

Children's hair is thinner than adults, and the baby can not always sit long in one place. Teenagers grow hair faster, and the hairdresser often does not have time. Older people can be very difficult to please. Just one compact trimmer will help to cope with all the inconveniences, as well as learn new skills.

Simple hair length installation

No difficulties - as simple as possible care

The Enchen trimmer is equipped with a sliding work zone regulator, allowing you to set the length of hair in the range of 0.7-21 mm. Simple adjustment does not require special skills or tools, it can cope even an inexperienced user. Once you've set up your work length, you can get started right away.

Super-precise ceramic knife

Doesn't make noise and cuts smoothly

The ceramic knife with a nanocoating is 1.6 times harder than a conventional stainless steel knife, and its surface is much less prone to friction, so that it does not heat up and works much quieter during the work at high speed - its noise level is only 55 dB, which is much lower than the state standard limit of 70 dB.

Two speeds

For soft or coarse hair

The Enchen trimmer uses a reliable frequency transformation technology that fully realizes the potential of a powerful electric motor. To cope with different types of hair, the trimmer provides two speeds of work: the usual speed of 4500 rpm is suitable for normal hair, and included a long press increased speed of 5800 rpm suitable for rough and dense hair.

Clever protection against singa tightening

High energy efficiency

The ESM (Energy Smart Manager) smart power management system is the "brain" of the Enchen trimmer. It consists of a power control module and an electric motor control module, which together can maintain a high engine speed even with a low battery charge. While charging, the ESM system provides the necessary protection to guarantee safety and long battery life. The LED light will always tell the user the status of the Enchen trimmer - small charge, charging and full charge.

Rounded corners

Gently take care of the skin

The Enchen trimmer and knife have special angles, which allows you to ensure safety and comfort during the haircut. The working part of the trimmer consists of a moving and stationary knife, which passed the strictest quality and accuracy control, so that they can be safely worked at any angle.

One hour of charging

Three months of work

The Enchen trimmer supports fast charging technology that allows you to charge your battery 90% in just 1 hour. Thanks to a smart power control system, the battery reaches a full charge in 1.5 hours, which it will last for 90 minutes of operation. And even if you cut your hair once a month for half an hour, you can remember about charging trimmer only once every three months.

USB-C port for easy charging

Even if the Enchen trimmer is discharged, it can be used by directly connecting to the power supply. The widespread USB-C port allows you to charge the trimmer from an external battery, computer, USB outlet or other device.

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