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Have you ever thought you'd make smoothie cups in case of unymure like during a picnic, at the gym or in the car?

Why You Should Choose Deerma DEM Wireless Blender - NU05

Compact at your fingertips - take it with you anytime, anywhere

To minimize the space for traveling, convenient to bring to work or anywhere, Deerma has produced a dem - NU05 wireless blender extremely compact, simple cylindrical design, not rugged, located in the palm of the hand and weighing only about 600g.

Máy xay sinh tố không dây Deerma DEM NU05

In addition, the product is also equipped with a sports lid, ensuring to keep it closed, not leaking water whether the cup is in a standing position or five. In particular, on the lid of the design of the mouth can be closed flexibly, helping you each drink is more convenient and polite.

Large energy reserves

Dem - NU05 wireless blender supports users to process at the same time and continuously 6 times without the need to use direct power. To maintain such an efficient operation must mention the Lithium 1500mAhbattery, for the ability to reserve quite large energy. At the same time, thanks to the support of the familiar USB charger, easy to find and popular with many devices, it gives users the flexibility to charge the battery without carrying the included charging cable.

Premium materials - Strong operating structure

Choosing high-end plastic material as the main material, so nu05 is both attractive to users by its sleek appearance, elegant colors, while ensuring certainty, long down color and durability with time.

Máy xay sinh tố không dây Deerma DEM NU05

The special thing of this wireless product line is that the blade is always attached to the tri trim (Large blade grinder is usually attached to the cup). The cutting head is finished from stainless steel, with 2 sharp blades (good stone grinding ability), 3-dimensional arrangement to create a comprehensive cutting space, more puree to help you have a smoothie that is both smooth, delicious and nutritious.

Although the configuration is mini, the wireless grinder gives a tremendous working capacity, reaching the frequency of the motor up to 21000 rpm. Create super-fast rotation, help mix well, crush the fruit in the shortest time possible. In addition, the cup components of the NU05 wireless blender are also designed with wave-making tendon lines, making the mixing operation more efficient.

Just by simple operation and through a single control button, you have the opportunity to try many new, fresh water dishes instead of eating those fruits in a boring way.



Brand Deerma
Product key DEM -NU05
Power 140W
Edoly edily voltage DC 7.4V
Capacity 400ml
Net mass 600g
Color Hong
Material high-end plastic


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