Extender Xiaomi Mi Power Strip 3 USB (NRB4027CN)

Extender Xiaomi Mi Power Strip 3 USB (NRB4027CN)

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Xiaomi Mi Power Strip Extension

Make your life easier

The Xiaomi Mi Power Strip extender is equipped with three sockets and three USB. It supports an electrical voltage of 110 V - 240 V, which is suitable for all countries of the world. Xiaomi Mi Power Strip Extender - A completely new approach to network devices! You can forget about all kinds of adapters and adapters, Xiaomi offers an excellent alternative - an extension cord equipped with three connectors for connecting devices via USB. Simple, elegant, compact - all this is done not only so that you can discreetly hide under the table, but also to use as a desktop accessory. Improving the appearance of the extension cord, of course, cannot “turn the world upside down,” but it can greatly simplify your life.

High performance extension cord

Charge all devices

3 USB ports are designed in such a way that their performance is comparable to the original chargers. Using only the USB port, you can simultaneously charge a mobile, tablet and e-book or digital camera and other devices that need frequent recharging. The unique Smart USB port chip can automatically determine the required power and supports a voltage of 2 A. The power and safety of recharging are the same as in the original charger, so the extension cord does not have any negative impact on the battery life. 20? A leakage protection threshold, effective protection of your personal safety.


You will notice the difference

All extension parts are made of high quality materials. The occupied area, in comparison with standard extension cords, is 50% less; three-level safety is included. The use of high-quality bronze as a material for creating an electrically conductive structure reduces the risks of electric shock and short circuits during use, due to its qualities. Yellow bronze is sufficiently elastic, with good electrical conductivity, wear-resistant, resistant to deformation, sufficiently resistant to elevated temperatures, prevents the risk of ignition. In the production process, despite the costs, we chose a safe and high-quality technology for the formation of interconnections. Every component part of this extension cord protects your life.

Three level protection

Safety first

When exceeding the norm of electric load, immediately there is a threat of short circuit or ignition. Joemex has created an overload protection device for us, which, in the event of a threat, shuts off the power supply, thereby timely preventing unexpected ignition or short circuiting. For greater safety, the manufacturer used high-quality housing material with the addition of a refractory element, which was tested for resistance to fire by high temperatures up to 750 ° C. This extension cord fully meets all fire safety standards.

Compact size

Take with you

In order for every detail in the house to become better, even if it is a simple extension cord, the manufacturer used specially made parts to improve the internal components of the device. The device is only 26 mm thick; the footprint compared to standard extensions is 50% less. The Mi Power Strip Mini Extender is the same size as a pencil case. There are also anti-skid legs.

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